Hello, world. I’m Nenen (which is what everyone calls me) but also Farshana (which is what’s on my birth certificate). I’m a twenty-nine-year-old female web developer by profession, scientist by degrees1, and creative by heart. It has been quite the journey of my life (so far) figuring out that the conjunction in the previous sentence is in fact an and, not a but.

I suppose I structured this website to showcase my professional portfolio in detail (.dev and all), and I should be doing exactly that, and maybe someday I will, but right now—as all my blog iterations have been since 2008—this is mostly nothing but a space where I write about my Thoughts and Feelings in longform. Welcome!


  • based somewhere in southern Philippines
  • full-time remote developer for Countable & Cortico
  • maybe available for freelance work (consultations re: small/personal websites & branding) email me

Recent Personal Projects


  • BSc, Computer Science, 2018
  • BSc, Medical Laboratory Science, 2013


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